What they are saying about Ultimate Video Mastery...

The course has surpassed my expectations in every way

“Hi, I'm Julie Hall the founder of a community of 20,000 business owners. I came on this video course because I wanted to learn how to structure my videos and how to be more deliberate. And I've got to say the course has surpassed my expectations in every way. It's one thing to know the theory behind this stuff but working with Richard has really helped me, not only to hone my skills, but to get very practicable skills that I will be able to take on any video that I create. I'm truly grateful for the one-to-one coaching that I've received, for the support and feedback that I've had through every step of the way. If you could've seen before, I wasn't a mess but I was pretty unstructured and now I feel a world of difference has changed because I am comfortable, confident, even here as I stand talking to you I feel like I'm grounded and I'm able to talk directly to you with ease in a way that I definitely wouldn't have been able to do before.  So if you're thinking about learning how to use video in your business I highly recommend coming along and doing a workshop with Richard because that one-to-one support is absolutely invaluable.”

Julie Hall

As A Result Of Attending The Workshop I'm Now Ready To Start [Videos]

“Hi my name is Helena Holrick of Helping You Shine. I came along to "Magnetise Your Videos" simply to kick start myself on the video journey. I have been resisting and indeed not really putting myself out there in the way that I could, mainly because I know I love a structure and I really enjoy knowing what to do next and how to put things together. As a result of attending the workshop I'm now ready to start.”

Helena Holrick, Helping You Shine

I understand how to engage with my customers

I'm Kate Wilde from Engage with Business. In the past I've tried several times to make videos so that I can get out the message to my customers and people that I want to work with. And I always felt really frustrated by the results. But since attending this workshop I feel far more confident about going forward. I now understand that I need to structure, to make sure my content is right and most importantly understand how to engage with my customers.

Kate Wilde, Engage with Business


What I’ve learned in the course is how to structure my videos for maximum impact

- Jim Doyle, Speaking Confidence

Richard has given us some brilliant templates that really help put the videos together in a great way that gives value to your clients but also doesn’t give the whole game away.

- Julie Kerr, Bullimia Free

I’ve finally learned how to structure some of my Videos, so I am really looking forward to getting home and putting it all into practice.

- Julie Stevens, Younique Designs

If you know you should be selling yourself, product or service on video and want to work with one of the best I've come across then I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard Moore.

- Adrian Walker, Amassing Greater Wealth

We have hired Richard for Business Mentoring and personal coaching. His assistance has been invaluable to my personal growth and the growth of our company. I highly recommend Richard as a personal mentor for anyone looking to develop their business and achieve more profitable results.

- Kevin Matthews, Ten Creative

Before working with Richard Moore I was struggling to look good on camera and I didn’t have any strategy around my message structure. After three coaching sessions, I got the message right and looked so much better on video. I couldn’t believe the difference it made to my sign-ups – up 160% with video. I can highly recommend sharpening up your video skills with Richard.

- Christian Swift,, Get Me Out Of My House

Richard is a professional, approachable and effective mentor who is great at getting the best out of people. He is conscientious and meticulous which helps you to see every angle and perspective and I have no hesitation in recommending his coaching services.

- Sue Garner, Garner Training Solutions Ltd

I feel much more comfortable in front of the camera and know that I can really really help so many people with the information that I've got by bringing that to them through video.

- Natasha Hockney, Quietsphere Student Mentoring

From today I know exactly who I'm talking to... I'm talking to my viewer and not all about myself. So thank you very, very much, both of you, for all that you've done for me and for my business.

- Peter Allton, Clinical Director of Circle Podiatry.

I've just spent two days with Richard at "Magnetise Your Videos" course. It's been a brilliant 2 days and I'm sure it will help me with my business.

- Riffat Ali, The Learning Method

I've just been on the most amazing video course. But after listening to Richard and hearing how actually everything is based on a system, I know I can now go out and communicate with my audience in a way I never could have done before. So this course, I can only implore you to attend because it really will make a difference.

- Janet Swift

"As a copywriter with 10 years experience, I was curious what I could get out of Richard's Video Masterclass. I came along and found there were loads of techniques, loads of great information and even loads of things I didn't know. I'd recommend it to anyone out there who is looking to find out more about Video can help their business."

- Kieron Bain, jacKofKats Creative

"I've been on Richard's Video Course and it was very good. I wanted to get more experience and advice about how people should engage on camera. I thought it was a great workshop and would recommend it to everybody."

- Ola, Just Another Label

"I attended Richard’s video Masterclass as I was keen to learn more about the new thinking and psychology involved in using videos for effective marketing. If you are wondering about how best to use video for your business, I would highly recommend attending one of Richard’s Masterclasses – he may blow your mind."

- Jenny Wilding, Research Plus

Richard has consistently demonstrated the highest degree of competency and skill to be a certified as a Licensed Coach of Video Psychological Operations™

- James Lavers, Founder of Video Psychological Operations

Richard Moore

Video Psychologist
Video Psychological Operations™ Coach
and Chief Instructor

You're either here out of mild curiosity or you may be looking for help with your Video Campaigns.

Either way, are you...

  • Struggling with Video Marketing?
  • Struggling because using Video Marketing isn't working out for you?
  • Struggling because you feel uncomfortable with how you look on Video Camera?
  • Struggling with what to say on Video?
  • Struggling with a lack of Leads, Sales or Income?
  • Struggling to find a Keynote Speaker?

If any of the above describe your current situation, then read on.

As a Video Performance Skills Trainer, I've helped business owners to identify & address the issues, challenges & obstacles that have been holding them back & preventing them from achieving their goals & objectives around Video Marketing.

Many marketing managers & small business owners are just too busy dealing with the symptoms of reactive, unplanned, unstructured approaches with Video to identify & address the root cause of their frustrations or lack of results.

Many just need a new plan of action.

Some Quick Facts

  • 12 years experience with major High Street Bank learning about the figures side of business
  • 20 years experience in Direct Sales with growing sales and team building for income
  • Accredited Trainer for Video Psychological Operations
  • Founder of Ultimate Video Mastery & Chief Trainer for Ultimate Video Results Workshops

I work with...

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Authors, Coaches, Mentors
  • Speakers, Seminar Leaders
  • Sellers of Information Products online


  • Pre start
  • Start-up
  • Survival phase
  • High Growth Businesses

Would you benefit from working with me to take your videos to the next level?

Maybe. Maybe not.

YES, If you want to identify the challenges preventing you from achieving your goals & objectives around Video Marketing for more Impact, Influence and Income.

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