Clients & Beneficiaries

Some of the clients who have worked with and benefited from Video Psychological Operations™ Technologies…

These Cutting Edge Video Skills Technologies Deliver...

UNIQUE, HIGH VALUE SKILLS and STRATEGIES that will have your Viewers responding to your Videos Big Time!
When we say unique, we mean UNIQUE! You can’t learn this cutting-edge video skills training from film crews, nor from most PR companies.

We only have limited spaces on our workshops because you will be personally Coached by Richard Moore.

This is only for you if you are serious about using the Power of Video in your Marketing!

All enquiries are handled privately and in the strictest of confidence. We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, brand/product/company spokespeople, celebrity endorsers, script-writers, file & television directors, marketing and brand managers, PR representatives and communication professionals.

We use the Video Psychological Operations™ Technologies which were developed over a 7 year period in a dark room, full of monitors in QVC, the biggest and most demanding Shopping Channel on TV. This was a real-time laboratory used to discover what makes people respond and buy from TV.

Two key words there.... Respond and Buy!

An example of the Clients and Beneficiaries of Video Psychological Operations™ Technologies are on the right

The result was a “Master Code” for influencing people to take action via video.

And this "Master Code" for Video Success is available to you in a workshop or online masterclass.

If you want to grab the attention of your viewer with dynamic, attention-getting body language, convey real meaning through the structure of your message and get the action of your viewer with a powerful call to action, then click on a REGISTER NOW button to reserve your place.