Video Marketing – Chunk Your Videos For Maximum Engagement

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Today’s post is about how to structure and chunk your videos for maximum effectiveness and engagement of your viewers.

The reason why this is so important is that unless you grab the attention of your viewers in the first 5 to 10 seconds of your video they will be gone, probably for good.

AttentionGrabber-RightFacingATTENTION GRABBER
After saying hi and giving your name, you want to kick off with an attention grabber. Grab the attention of your viewer by making a bold statement, leaning in towards the camera as if you are letting your viewer into a secret or use a blind bullet to create curiosity and intrigue.

Establish your thing, your concept, by very briefly outlining it. To say what it is.

Then explain or justify your opening, giving the reason why it is so important. You can also include what will happen if your viewer doesn’t do something, how that will affect them and why it may be important to them.

Try to give an example of what you’re talking about, conceptually if necessary, and paint a picture, because a picture paints a thousand words.

Create a short exercise so that your viewer gets an experience of the thing that you are talking about.

Finish your video with a call to action, where you get your viewer to take some kind of action which brings them out of anonymity and actively engaging in conversation or buying action with you.

Follow this formula for success so that you always know what to say on your short videos and in what orders.

Look out for more details about calls to action in later videos.

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