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Video Psychological Operations™

VPO typically works to elicit actions that have commercial benefit to the originator of the pre-recorded or live video/broadcast.

The techniques of VPO were initially discovered, tested and refined by James Lavers during his work as the most in-demand producer and consultant in the “infomercial” industry and Live Direct-Response TV (DRTV).

Able to track the responsiveness of a TV sales presentation real time, Lavers extracted communication techniques that drastically increased sales and audience compliance. Lavers has also appeared extensively on broadcast television utilising VPO in person for a select few clients.

With the advent of online video in the mid-2000s the methods of VPO were further refined and honed for use in this new and exciting medium.

While not a scientific approach, VPO has been proven in the highest-risk and most demanding commercial testing grounds in the world. Video Psychological Operations is now the choice of entrepreneurs, businesses, corporations, charities, celebrities and government departments who want to maximise the impact and influence of every on-camera opportunity. We use the Video Psychological Operations™ technologies under licence.

If you want to grab the attention of your viewer with dynamic, attention-getting body language, convey real meaning through the structure of your message and get the action of your viewer with a powerful call to action, then click the link immediately below to explore the training and support available to you...

First developed in 2000, Video Psychological Operations, or “VPO” is a series of techniques and approaches to communicating on-camera (whether that be on broadcast television or, as is more typical today, via online video) that increases the likelihood that the viewer responds, and takes some form of desired action as a direct result of the video message.

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Richard Moore

Video Psychologist
Video Psychological Operations™ Coach
and Chief Instructor

You're either here out of mild curiosity or you may be looking for help with your Video Campaigns.

Either way, are you...

  • Struggling with Video Marketing?
  • Struggling because using Video Marketing isn't working out for you?
  • Struggling because you feel uncomfortable with how you look on Video Camera?
  • Struggling with what to say on Video?
  • Struggling with a lack of Leads, Sales or Income?
  • Struggling to find a Keynote Speaker?

If any of the above describe your current situation, then read on.

As a Video Performance Skills Trainer, I've helped business owners to identify & address the issues, challenges & obstacles that have been holding them back & preventing them from achieving their goals & objectives around Video Marketing.

Many marketing managers & small business owners are just too busy dealing with the symptoms of reactive, unplanned, unstructured approaches with Video to identify & address the root cause of their frustrations or lack of results.

Many just need a new plan of action.

Some Quick Facts

  • 12 years experience with major High Street Bank learning about the figures side of business
  • 20 years experience in Direct Sales with growing sales and team building for income
  • Accredited Trainer for Video Psychological Operations
  • Founder of Ultimate Video Mastery & Chief Trainer for Ultimate Video Results Workshops

I work with...

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Authors, Coaches, Mentors
  • Speakers, Seminar Leaders
  • Sellers of Information Products online


  • Pre start
  • Start-up
  • Survival phase
  • High Growth Businesses

Would you benefit from working with me to take your videos to the next level?

Maybe. Maybe not.

YES, If you want to identify the challenges preventing you from achieving your goals & objectives around Video Marketing for more Impact, Influence and Income.

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